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The Web2Rights team, comprised of lawyers, consultants, learning technologists and pedagogic experts have focussed upon the need to address cultural and practical obstacles in engaging with Web2.0, IPR and other legal issues by bringing a broad range of skill sets together. The team has included:

Ms Naomi Korn (Project Manager and Lead Consultant) is a full-time consultant who has extensive experience in the practical application of issues relating to Intellectual Property Rights, rights management and licensing to digital content within the educational, cultural and heritage sectors (www.naomikorn.com). Naomi has been the lead consultant and project manager of the JISC IPR Consultancy, the SCA IPR Consultancy and IP Officer for the Collections Trust.  Naomi is the main point of contact for the Web2Rights project [email protected].

Dr Neil Witt (Consultant) is Principal Lecturer in Navigation Systems and Marine communications at the University of Plymouth. He has been involved with Teaching and Learning Initiatives, Internet and Web development for 13 years including a number of eLearning initiatives such as research into Web Accessibility, the Plymouth Internet Learning Lab, has recently managed the JISC funded eLearning Tools projects Shell-fish and Shell-fish2 and is a member of the JISC Emerge community. He is currently seconded to the role Technical Director to the Higher Education Learning Partnerships Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Professor Charlotte Waelde (Consultant) is a Co-Director of the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Board) Research Centre for Studies into Intellectual Property and Technology Law (the Centre) and a senior lecturer within the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently involved in a number of research projects focussing not only on the ways in which traditional intellectual property laws are being re-shaped in response to developments in technology, but also how those communities affected by the changing nature of both law and technology respond in practice to the challenges.

Professor Charles Oppenheim (Consultant) is Head of Information Science at Loughborough University. Since 1992, he has undertaken consultancy for libraries, Universities, commercial organisations, public sector institutions and other organisations on Intellectual Property Rights.

Dr Derek Stephens (Advisor) is the Director of Learning and Teaching at Loughborough University. His research areas cover enhancing business by the use of competitive intelligence, the application of marketing techniques to information services and products, and learning and teaching in information science, for example the use of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) and Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA).

Robert Stillwell (Technical Developer) is a Senior Learning Technologist at the University of Plymouth. Working within new media and e-learning for the last 8 years he brings a range of ideas and technical skills to the team. He also currently works at the Higher Education Learning Partnerships Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning focusing primarily on JISC funded projects research projects.

Ms Emmanuella Giavarra (Legal Advisor - Phase One) is a specialist international copyright and contract lawyer. In 1992, she was appointed the first Director of the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA). At present, she is legal adviser to the Joint Information Systems Committee and JISC Collections in the UK and to eIFL.net (a 50-country consortium of mainly developing countries) in Italy and is, in this capacity, involved in the drafting and negotiations of consortia licences for the use of electronic data worldwide. In 1999, she was appointed a member of the Legal Advisory Board of the European Commission (DG-Information Society).

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