JISC Legal - A JISC funded service providing authoritative legal advice for
the HE/FE community on copyright and other legal issues. Their website also
contains a number of useful reports

OSS Watch - A JISC funded service providing an overview and thorough
information about Open Source Licences

TrustDR Project - This was a JISC funded project to examine the practical
issues in setting up digital rights management systems (DRM) in repositories
of learning objects.  The site contains a number of reports and other useful

HEFCE - ("Intellectual Property Rights in eLearning Programmes: A Guide for
Senior Managers")

United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office - The UK Intellectual Property Office is the official government bodyresponsible for registering IP rights in the UK:  patents, trade marks and registered designs.  The website contains a wealth of information about all areas of intellectual property (including unregistered rights) albeit that it can be difficult to navigate.

Ipkat - This blog contains a wealth of information about daily happening in IP. The team, headed by Jeremy Phillips, share insights and expertise across all areas of IP.  Some postings are for a specialist audience but many are accessible to most.  Tufty the cat's contributions are particularly interesting!

The Web2 Rights project is funded by

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